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The Barkcloth Collection

Barkcloth is an incredible fabric. 100% sustainable, handmade from tree bark by artisans in Uganda and predating weaving, it is the oldest fabrics known to man. 

These lampshades have a wonderful warming glow and add an interesting element of texture to any room. As light shines through each piece, the structure of the fabric becomes visible. Showing the fingerprint of the tree and creating a stunning focal point. 

Sizes : 

Small - 30cm Base/15cm Top/19cm High

Medium - 35cm Base/25cm Top/25cm High

Large - 40cm Base/30cm Top/30cm High

All Barkcloth shades come with a duplex fitting and require shade carriers. 

If needed please go to our Shade carriers page if you need any advice just get in touch - we're happy to help!

It’s important to note that Barkcloth has naturally occurring flaws – the process of creating the cloth can result in small holes which appear on our shades. We think it’s these imperfections that make the shades even more special. All the shades will vary slightly in colour too - no two trees are the same!

(Go to our Meet the Makers page for the history and beautiful barkcloth-making process)

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