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Truly Unique

All my products are made from antique fabrics or natural fibres, making each and every piece incredibly special. All the lampshades and cushions are made from rare antique textiles that I have personally sourced and restored.

20% Barkcloth Lampshade Discount

Barkcloth is an incredible fabric, 100% sustainable, handmade from tree bark by artisans in Uganda and predating weaving, it is the oldest fabrics known to man. They have naturally occurring holes but I think it's what makes them all the more special...


Devil's in the Detail

Machines are drowning out the art of handmade textiles - fabric made by hand is infinitely more interesting and lasts longer. Once I've found the perfect textiles, all my products are carefully hand-made here in the UK, ensuring an unrivalled level of quality.



I believe in buying things that will last and doing everything we can to reduce our ecological impact. The Barkcloth shades are made from tree bark. Ordinarily ring-barking would kill a tree, however we use one of the only variety of trees in the world which grows its bark back. The Turkish shades and cushions are all made from reclaimed antique fabrics - nothing new is produced. Our cushion pads are stuffed with 100% duck feathers, ethically sourced and RDS certified.